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bringing christian revival to the youth of south africa

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About the ministry

Transformed Youth is CHMI’s youth-focussed daughter ministry, established with the purpose of bringing Christian revival to the youth nationwide.

The team strives to bring revival to the youth of South Africa through an effective combination of: contemporary praise and worship; anointed altar calls and prayer; the sharing of testimonies and practical, encouraging Word-based messages; and a variety of fun, interactive activities.

The team aims to not only give the youth the Word, but to also give them an opportunity to experience it – through having an anointed encounter with the love and power of God!

Transformed Youth is led by a group of young, dynamic, charismatic Christian leaders, who come from various denominational backgrounds.

The youth of today don’t just want to hear the Bible being preached to them, they want to see it, feel it and experience it. Which is why the team aims to not only give the youth a great time and the Word, but to also give them an opportunity to receive and experience Jesus!

Transformed Youth operate by conducting a variety of these youth-based events across South Africa, on an invitational basis, whereby the team works together with and are hosted by churches or other organizations in the area.

Transformed Youth has also developed a year’s DVD curriculum of powerful, Word-based teachings, which gets handed over to the youth pastors of churches they work with, to give the pastors fresh new content to share with their youth group and ensure that the youth get a weekly infilling from the Word of God…

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to minister at your church, or to invite us conduct a youth revival conference in your area, please contact us by: Cell: (+27)63 649 2739 Email: