How to live-stream your church service

Learn how to live-stream your church service like a professionally by following the simple advice
given by Evg Matthew Lee in these how-to videos

Going pro without having to cough up the dough

The corona-virus pandemic and lock-down has forced us as pastors and church leaders to venture out into new ways to engage with our congregations. Many of us have begun using Facebook and YouTube live to do this…

In this two part series, Evg Matthew Lee shares the knowledge he has acquired, through years of experience, on how to live-stream your church service like a pro, as cost effectively as possible.without having to cough up the dough.

Through watching many different church live-streams over the course of lock-down, we identified that there is currently a need in the body of Christ to gain more information regarding how one can produce a professional looking, professional sounding live-stream church service, whilst keeping budget in mind. As a result, we’ve put together a series of how-to videos to offer assistance in this regard.

These videos are completely free of charge and are a love-gift from us to you and to the Body of Christ.

The video series is the first official project of our daughter ministry “Ekwipt” and we’ve given the series the title “Church live streaming: Going pro without having to cough up the dough”.


In part 1 of this series, Ev Matthew discuss the various pieces of equipment you can utilize as well as demonstrating a few setups that you can make use of, to live stream your church services using your cellphone.


In part 2, Ev Matthew discusses in-depth how you make use of a few basic pieces of equipment together with free software on your computer/laptop to control the media for your church, for your in-service projectors and simultaneously on your live-stream, to give your church service and live videos a professional cutting edge look.

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