Youth video curriculum

The official Transformed Youth video curriculum, giving your youth group a weekly dose of
Bible-based messages and dynamic topics for discussion

Transformed Youth video curriculum

Transformed Youth is led by a group of young, dynamic, charismatic Bible college students, who come from various backgrounds.

The members of #TeamTrans4md have compiled a variety of videos on topics we believe are relevant to many of the challenges that are faced by the youth of today

Below you’ll find a three episode sample of the Transformed Youth video curriculum…

The purpose of this video curriculum is to provide youth leaders with a useful tool to assist them in teaching new content to their youth group and to provide a platform for them to be able to better engage with their students.

The video curriculum consists of a variety of short messages, covering a broad scope of topics, that are relevant to the lives of young adults. Each video is addressed by a different member of #TeamTrans4md, making it easier for the youth group to identify with at least one of our presenters, as our team members come from a large variety of backgrounds and walks of life.

Each video comes complete with various open-ended questions (which can be found in the description of the videos) based on the topic of the video, to open the floor up for discussions around the topic. 

Transformed Youth video curriculum sample

Transformed – by Matthew Lee

1) Why do you think that God’s plans for your life would be better than your own plans?

2) How does God Transform us, and what can you do to be Transformed?

3) What is the purpose behind being Transformed by God, and how will being Transformed bring about change in your life?

Stay pure and be sure – by Tiffany Dilworth

1) Why do you think that it’s important that we choose wisely before deciding to date someone?

2) What do you think are important points that people should look out for when considering whether or not to date someone? Why do you feel that these are important?

3) After hearing Tiffany’s advice on how to keep yourself pure, what are some of the things you feel you can apply in your life to try ensure that you stay pure?

By Christ, for Christ – by Nanica Nel

1) Why do you think our life mantra should become “By Christ for Christ”?

2) Would you say that you have been living By Christ for Christ? If not, what do you think you can do to start living a life sold out for Jesus?

3) “Christ lives in me” – what does this statement mean to you?

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